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Dec 26, 2012 4:30am PST
and runoff have napa river swollen, but well within its banks. other parts of wine country look more like lakes. water topped levee at sonoma creek. an area where people expect flooding in heavy rain not a big problem for the chardonnay lines this time of year and there are long term benefits. >> for the vineyards it recharges water supply, allows us to -- we get the topsoil from the valley. the bada;hjç news is every yeart costs 10 to $15,000 to clear out. >> they repair broken levees once a year. >>> commuters crossing santa cruz mountains have more water on the roads. typically, it is where most of the rain falls since pacific storms dump water as they cross this first mountain range. fog could be a hazard hill are saturated and prone to rock and mudslides. crews have been cordoning them off quickly. mountain residents had to spend christmas sandbagging their property. >> the big concern why you guys are filling up on sandbags? >> keep the hill from sliding into my neighbor's house. i got water runoff on the top of my driveway. >> creeks and rivers in the santa cruz mountains are runn
Dec 27, 2012 4:30am PST
to the cloud cover, 40 fairfield and livermorel6.o, 41 concord, 2 napa, 43 san jose, 45has. oakl, 48 san francisco. mostly cloudy, 40s through 7:00. increasing sunshine, low 50s at noon, low to mid 50s through 4:00, then once that sunsets clouds go away, temperatures drop into the low to mid 40s during the evening. you don't need the umbrella vñ just sunglasses.xr tomorrow umbrellas back so is the light rain. low to mid 50s. few showers saturday low 50s, driest day and brightest day and warmest sunday with low to mid 50s. ÷ saturday snow level 4,000 feet, may get snow on mount hamiltonu. >>> bay bridge toll this morning, expecting another light holiday weekday today, typical for this time of the clear. san mateo bridge a few brake lights everything at the limit at the end of the flat section then everything picks up as you move into foster city with no issues once you get to that side. north 17máz%ç at santa cruz avee accident just cleared. roadwork eastbound carquinez bridge three left lanes until 8 this morning in the between high and1uÑku 23rd roadk for another 20 minutes picked
Dec 24, 2012 4:30am PST
between 116 and 37, flooding there between petaluma and napa. keep that in mind. you may have to look for alternates we'll tell you more about that coming up. >>> lingering storm is making getting hope for christmas a challenge across part of the nation now meteorologists are worried about the nightmare after christmas. >>> if you are one of the 17 million who will hit the malls today, good news, there are special deals and tended hours. i'm kira klapper, i'll have that after the break -- >>> gaggle may challenge apple and samsung, the tech giant is working -- with motorola on its own smartphone after the phone motorola will start working on a google tablet. samsung still leads by a wide par engine in europe. two places where you can track santa's trip tonight one is the website of norad, and the other site is google. >> google has their santatrackersite where you can track santa and play games. >> google also asks you to send santa a >>> a very good morning and merry christmas eve to everyone coming up on 4:42 you are looking live at san francisco from the embarcadero alm
Dec 31, 2012 4:30am PST
and inland low to mid 40s high clouds and sun. tonight 29 livermore, napa, 30 santa rosa, 27 cloverdale, 31 vallejo, 33 concord and fremont, 34 palo alto, 35 san jose. looks like it is going to be better for widespread frost tonight. three areas of high pressure dominating the west coast, sending the storms to the south, sending them up to the north, storms that try to punch through like this one, get broken apart, so blocking high equals dry pattern. one storm is going to try make a run at it there's a slight chance thursday morning of a shower up in the north bay otherwise we could hit 60 in some spots$Ñ:rl come this weeke. have a great day. >>> we are keeping an eye on traffic this morning, sue is off. map in livermore of the altamont pass moving along, better than average all green dots, averaging 65 to 54 miles an hour, 18 minute commute time we want to take you live look outside at the maze you can scarcely call it that this morning jut a few headlights all traffic -- just a few headlights, all traffic moving smoothly. >>> police in newtown, connecticut say the body of gunman adam la
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4